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Call For Speakers Now Open


At TEDxEastVan our primary goal is to find, develop and share Ideas Worth Spreading.

Our team starts by searching for people with interesting and innovative ideas. We then go through a process of identifying and refining the articulation of those ideas until they'll blow people off the TEDx stage.

TEDxEastVan is looking for scientists and artists, entrepreneurs and inventors, writers and the-guy-down-the-street. Our event is cross-discipline and our event is open to anyone. The thing that gets someone on the TEDxEastVan stage is their great idea.

You probably need to know that it's not easy being a TEDx speaker. We ask that our speakers jump in feet first. That they commit to the process fully with time and energy. That they work with our coaches and team to find and articulate and perfect that talk that we know is there. But you know what? We promise you two things. One: we have loads of fun on the journey.  Two: none of our speakers has regretted it.

TEDxEastVan will take place on April 23rd, 2016 at the York Theatre in Vancouver.  A day of listening and connecting that invites thought, discussion and play, the TEDx talks are interspersed with activities, performances, and food worth eating. Speakers have up to 15 minutes to present their talk under the theme ‘Move’, which represents underground movements, taking a step towards change, intense emotions, performances and art and culture.  All presentations are professionally video-recorded and shared with the world via the TEDx YouTube channel.

If you think that you or someone you know should share an Idea Worth Spreading at TEDxEastVan 2016, we encourage you to apply soon.  The deadline for applications is January 16th at the stroke of midnight.

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Dai "Coach Moose" Manuel
December 17, 2015 at 3:35 pm

Awesome!!!! So excited to see this coming to East Van!

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