2016 Talks

Dignity Through Movement for an Aging Population

Barbara Alink

In today's society, aging and death are seldom spoken of; more of a taboo topic than not. In this grounding talk, Barbara Alink talks about providing dignity and excitement to an aging population.

Quantum Physics for 7 Year Olds

Dominic Walliman

In this lighthearted talk Dominic Walliman gives us four guiding principles for easy science communication and unravels the myth that quantum physics is difficult to understand, it’s all in how it’s explained.

How to love longer, healthier and happier

Dr. Alexandra T. Greenhill

The single common trigger of six big health issues: diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental health, auto-immune illnesses and pain conditions is often daily stress. Dr. Alexandra T. Greenhill describes how the pressures of ‘doing it all' impact our health and simple strategies we can implement to reduce our stress levels immediately.

Healing a Nation Through Truth and Reconciliation

Chief Dr Robert

Canada’s past held some dark and terrible secrets on the treatment of it’s First Nations peoples. Chief Robert Joseph experienced these destructive forces firsthand in the Residential School System and he now explains how sharing these truths was the first step to reconciling a nation. Helping to heal this racism and intolerance is to recognize ‘we are all one’.

Predicting Overload: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Paul Fijal

In this moving talk, Paul Fijal paints a vivid picture of what it’s like to live with autism. He explores the concept of empowered care; a personalized approach that bridges the information gap between individuals with mental health disorders and currently available care solutions.

Swordplay and the Lost Art of Knighthood

Devon Boorman

The art of swordplay is on the rise we can all be dancers, swordsmen and movers without being incredibly strong or typically athletic. Self-confessed former ‘gangly youth’ Devon Boorman tells us how sword fighting allowed him to bridge the gap between athlete and intellectual.

Poop Soup and the Inevitable Global Movement

Christopher Bush

In this entertaining talk sustainable food systems and agritech pioneer, Christopher Bush explains how he leverages technology to move agriculture back to a circular economy, maintaining and advancing optimization, and eliminating waste.

Jumping for Joy opened hearts and unified communities

Eyoälha Baker

In this joyful talk, Eyoälha Baker speaks on the power of jumping for joy, and how it unified Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, one of Canada's poorest neighbourhoods.

How Millennials are Fighting to Survive Climate Change

Geoff Dembicki

The current generation of 18 to 34-year-olds is the last one capable of making a difference on climate change. If they fail, they will be the first one to truly feel its impacts. In this powerful talk Geoff Dembicki describes how Millennials are affecting politics, economics and pushing society towards a new paradigm, where social good is worth more than financial gain.

Secrets My Puppets Told Me

Edward Westerhuis

A performer and puppeteer, Edward Westerhuis talks about his adventures in puppeteering and visual arts performances, and how videography can shape a performance.

Personalizing the Refugee Crisis

Tima Kurdi

Speaking from a refugees perspective, in this very moving talk Tima Kurdi explains how a simple photograph of her nephew ‘the boy on the beach’ galvanized the world into action, yet it shouldn’t have taken tragedy to motivate us. She encourages everyone not to be silent, instead use your voice to plant seeds of hope and recognize we are all the same.

3D Bioprinting is Medicines Next Frontier

Sam Wadsworth

In an age where new medical technologies are in such high demand, wouldn't a 3D bioprinter be useful? In this talk, Dr. Sam Wadsworth explains he sees a future full of bioprinted human airways and organs.