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And now, a word from St. Valentine…


Once upon a time, instead of flowers and candy, you gave your partner the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. And it went a little something like this:

You and your loved one enter the beautiful-restored, historical York Theatre, hand-in-hand. There’s a buzz in the air, an indescribable energy. 250+ guests assemble around you but everyone is friendly; it already feels like an intimate gathering. You take your seats as the lights go down. And then it begins: the speakers’ and performers take the stage one by one.

The talks begin, new ideas are shared and personal stories told. It’s apt that the theme this year is ‘Move’, and the talks and performances touch upon art and underground movements, change, intense emotions, and the physical culture of Vancouver. You find yourself squeezing your partner’s hand when a particular talk hits home. There is laughter, collective ‘whooping’ and maybe some tears (this stuff is nothing if not emotional!). You are pleasantly surprised by how much you participate. During the lunch break, you chat with another couple and find you have a friend in common. Soon, the four of you are getting along like old friends.

At the after-party, there is more mingling, more connections to be made, more new friendships solidified. There is so much to think about, and possibly, big life changes to be made. And you experienced this together.

TEDxEastVan tickets: $ 68 onwards
The memories: Priceless


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