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Bernhard Riecke

Words to Describe Me: Crossing Boundaries
Favourite TED Talk: Philip Zimbardo, The Demise of Guys?

After working as a post-doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Vanderbilt University and UC Santa Barbara, Bernhard joined SFU in 2008 as an associate professor at their School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) and directs their iSpace Lab. He likes to go beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries, combining natural sciences approaches (being a physicist by training) with human-centered and creative approaches (drawing from Psychology, Cognitive Science, Meditation, HCI, Design, and Art) using immersive Virtual Reality. He is increasingly interested in exploring how we could utilize the potential of multi-sensory media like Virtual Reality to foster meaningful or even pivotal experiences and profound emotional shifts that we might otherwise never be able to experience.

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