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Laura Cuthbert

3 Words to Describe Me: Curation, rigour, and inquiry.
Favourite TED Talk: Ze Frank, My Web Playroom

Laura Cuthbert is an Anthropologist and has spent the past eight years looking deeply in British Columbia’s history. She’s made it her mission to provide a more intersectional story of our past and open access to the tools and research methods she uses. This broad focus has turned into her project, Populous Map, a still in-development website and storytelling series in Vancouver. Her research has brought her to over 130 abandoned towns across BC and into rural areas to document history with the people who have lived it.

Laura has used her anthropology and community mobilization skills through her work at Kudoz, a startup where she curates a catalogue of learning experiences that enables adults with cognitive disabilities to get out and meet people in their community.

She's found that Populous Map has given her a local perspective on the global issue of historical erasure, while Kudoz has encouraged her to celebrate learning, rigour, intentionality, and reflection in everything she does. Both projects rely on the power of people and their stories, Laura is looking forward to sharing a few of her own.

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